Friday, September 30, 2005

Back from JAOO

I have just attended the jaoo conference in Århus. It's always great fun to hear clever people talk about things they think is cool.

What seems to be the thing is MDA (Model Driven Architecture) or DSL (Domain Specific Languages), which in many ways are the same thing. Even MS have considered these in their comming version of Visual Studio .Net. The DSL Tools of VS.Net is certainly something I have to give a closer look.

Another technology that fascinated me was JXTA, which is an open protocol for p2p. It was related to enterprise architecture as a way of maintaining nodes of your own application cluster. I must try this in some petproject. The reference implementation is in Java.

AJAX.Net enables you to meta-tag your .Net methods to be exposed to your javscript running in the browser. Although we have been using AJAX for almost 5 years now, this approach would remove some of the complexity for the programmer.

My mind is exploding with ideas, but it is probably going to take a while before I am allowed to use workhours and real projects to realise them.