Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Multiple Languages in VS.Net

I have just testet the possibility to use multiple languages in a VS.Net 2005 project... It actually works... HURRAY! This will be very helpful for us when we are converting and refactoring current projects to C#.

Why they made two languages in the first place is still a puzzle to me. It looks like it has been som kind of publicity stunt, but unfortunately not adding any particular value the the product. Well, it did what it was supposed to by convincing my boss that it is great to have support for many language. In Java at least everybody speaks the same language.

I have always wondered why they diverted VB.Net and C# so much from each other. I mean, they had to invent all of the terms anyway( to differentiate just a little from Java ) Why is it called shared in VB and static in C#, why is it called Imports in VB and using in C#. Why is the String class typed with a little s when all other classes are capitalized?

I was hoping they would start calling things the same in future releases... but when i saw LINQ, they still invent new syntax structures for both languages??? That doesn't make sense to me.