Thursday, February 23, 2006

The kind of software I would like to develop.

Some time ago I visited my brother in law. He had just started playing a game on the internet, and in fact he wanted to play this game every day and every night.

When I decided that I wanted to develop software for a living, it was because I realized that only my imagination would limit my creativity. I have realized that customers also limit my creativity.
It seems that the number one feature of a computer game is that it has to bee cool, which means anything goes as long as its cool(and doesn't cost money). This is less contraining limitation than I'm used to by the business rules that normally define the boundaries of my work.
The computer game has another great feature. The users are only entertained and some use most of their spare time playing the game. Life is short, and to have people waste their spare time on a program I'm part of, is to me the greatest acknowledgement.

Actually... Mostly I was just inspired by the gratitude of the users of games. Enterprise application development is not bad either :)


  1. Hey!

    You can't leave out the name of the game ;-) How are we supposed to be fooled into trying and lose all our sparetime?