Friday, December 09, 2005

Close your eyes and imagine you followed the right path?

Most of software development is not about actually developing software. It's about choosing and following a path that leads to success. What path to follow may be influenced by a lot of 'external' factors. Such factors might come from the sales department.

Once a path has been selected, it is wise to follow it for some time. To follow a path will help your productivity, and give you a more detailed view of what you chose.

Once in a while you should reconsider you path. If you are following MS, you should see what tools the open source community has to offer, and you should let your self be inspired by the Java world... adopt those techniques that will improve your path. Just to sit back, relax and wait for the next release from your favourite vendor will not make you as aware of your development as otherwise. Don't be too pro anything just because it worked for you last year.

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