Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The smartest things are often the most obvious.

Behind the scene, my blog is flooding with posts in draft. I don't have time to publish the posts the way I want (without too many spelling mistakes etc.). The reason for this is that everywhere I look I see things to write about. I think the reason for this is that smart things are often obvious when you have been introduced to it. There is nothing like the "Ahh!" experience when someone explains something to you, you understand instantly. I think this goes for software as well as for everything else.

The wheel is one of the best inventions ever: it has a clear advantage, and everybody understands it as obvious. This is what I want! I want to design applications with the same characteristics as the wheel. Very useful, and comprehendible for everyone.

This leads to my problem with this blog. I could start writing about the wheel as one of the mayor components of modern life, but my guess is that all humans alive already know about the wheel. I'll instead focus on software development, but it is unavoidable to write about the obvious. The obvious is often the best... I'll try my best to make it interesting :)


  1. Well, I hope you find time to finish at least some of your posts.
    If you don't finish them, we don't get to read them.
    If we don't get to read them, we won't get the 'Ahh!' experiences.
    Be nice... share your 'Ahhs'. ;-)

  2. Maybe I need a brain upgrade. It doesn't quite keep up! :)