Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SAAS vs. thick client

The other day my work computer crashed. I took me quite a while to get up to speed. The IT department ofcourse provides a standard image they can put on my computer and get me part of the way. The programs I depend on and the antivirus provided are not good friends so I chose to install the computer on my own.

So... I'm down to installing the operating system, installing different office products to read documents and some development tools. A lot of time is spend finding the programs i need, and finding licence keys that match. After a days I'm still missing some programs that I will need later. Its a long and slow proccess...

Why does commercial software need to be so troublesome to install?.

If I could do with open source tools (thats not an option) i'm sure I could have set up an ubuntu with all the packages in an hour or so. I wouldn't have to find and download the software i need and I wouldn't have the trouble of typing in keys and trying to activate them and find out why they didn't activate properly.

For my personal stuff I have moved everything to google apps. This means that once I have a browser up and running I'm good to go. This and the fact that I don't have to think about backups etc. is a sure winner for me!

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