Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trust me, I know what I'm doing

Trust is important to any social relationship or communication. While I was out for a run I listened to a podcast about this and it really made me think. It stated that trust is also good for business. If you trust your surroundings you will be more open for doing business. Societies based on trust have a higher growth than societies that do not incorporate trust. This is a great message that I will try to spread around.

On a personal level you will gain a lot by trusting other people as well. By doing so you can benefit a lot more from other people. If you for instance are an employer, but don't trust your employees the only value they can add to your organisation is doing the stuff you though of to begin with. Once you trust your employees, they will be able to add value to your organisation on their own. You will no longer have to supervise them and they will be able to inovate. They will have to take ownership and it will lead to a higher level of motivation.

Actually you should not trust me because I know what I am doing. You should trust me because it is in my best interrest to help you out and because you will benefit more if you let me do it my way.

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