Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Declarative structure initialization

I'm on the lookout for a Dependency Injection framework for .net that supports a small, compact and declarative syntax. I want it to be so easy that non programmers can figure out what is going on.

My first thoughts were on XAML as it is simple and declarative. The reason for not choosing this anyway is that it doesn't support generics in a nice way. By not in a nice way I mean very verbose and strange. On top of that XAML is not implemented on mono.

Springframework and Castle Winsor is also too verbose for my likings. Although they are very good, they still require me to define my object at one place and reference they together in a structure somewhere else. Thsi is not a bad thing, I would just, also, like the possibility to create the objects in the structure inline where they are needed.

Another solution could be to consume code and execute it. This ofcorse is also way off compared to what I want to accomplish.

Any Ideas on what path to follow?

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