Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Software inovation by law

At one point in time, some people figured out that the world was full of selfish bastards that would leech off each other and therefore smart people would not innovate because all their hard work would be stolen. The patent was invented and this allowed inventors to work on difficult problems and if succeeding  be rewarded in the end. The leechers however have discovered that they can use the patent system for their own benefit. Instead of patenting stuff that represent a great effort they patent simple every day things like rectangles, colors or human gestures.

So now the patents are no longer used to defend the innovative from the bullies. Instead the bullies uses them to keep the innovative from being innovative. By having a vast amount of patents on everyday things and by keeping them to you self until someone has violated them, you effectively keep anyone from creating anything new unless they can afford a patent war against you.

In other words, it no longer depends how good your ideas are but how much money you have. I hope someone with the power to be heard one day figures this out and requests the system to be changed. Patents should only cover things obtained through some kind of effort, and patent owners should be forced to license the use of their patents to others. Color combinations or shapes are not to be claimed by anyone as their property! That's just my opinion...

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