Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When to use the GAC

I've been using the .Net framework for a few years now. I still haven't really found a use for it...

One of the good things about .Net is the xcopy deployment strategi. It is kind of lost when the gac is used. With the gac your solutions suddently start to depend upon each other a lot more.

Thanks, but no thanks: No more GAC!

If anyone out there has a good use for the gac, please let me know :)


  1. Well I must admit that I'm no gac fan either, but I do see the benefit if you are creating an application or set of tools where multiple versions should exist at the same time.

    A scenario could be that a large company had a set of tools used in all projects. Multiple versions of the same tools could exist and new applications could use the latest version while old projects used and older version of the same tools.

    Also I currently do alot of SharePoint development and when an application (like SharePoint) actually uses code security, the gac also has the benefit of providing "full trust", making deployment a bit easier.

    When that is said, I still prefere not to use the gac, and it is only after I started doing SharePoint that I've really seen the need for the gac.

  2. Hi Rasmus.
    In what way do you use code security? I took a Sharepoint course (I didn't see it coming ;)), and sharepoint is very dependant on the gac. I asked why sharepoint was so dependant on the gac, but I didn't really get an answer :)