Thursday, October 18, 2007

3rd party software

I'm a bit swamped by 3rd party software at the moment.

3rd party components are good in that they provide a lot of functionality that is already implemented and hopefully also tested. Sometimes I don't think using 3rd party components is the best solution. Sometimes the dependencies are large, and the problems created by these dependencies are greater than the benefits gained from using this 3rd party functionality.

I don't avoid using 3rd party components, but I do have some general issues that I address while deciding whether to use a component.
  • Transparent
    Although I select a 3rd party component to reuse allot of its functionality, I like to understand what it does. If i understands its functionality on an abstract level, I'm less dependant on the component in the future.
  • Few dependencies
    When I choose a component, I choose it for its features and behavior. I don't want to be handcuffed to other products that I don't intend to use. Even if I want to use the other product, I want be the person making that choice.
  • Expandable
    I want to be able to plug in my own functionality where ever it makes sense. This could mean an event based approach or something based on contracts

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