Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Password nightmare

If you are employed in any modern company there will be plenty of applications you need access to.

At the moment I have to remember 7 passwords for different systems just to be able to do my daily work. On top of that I have to access systems on several client's networks and I must admit that I can't keep up any more. All systems have different algoritms for what passwords they accept and they all have different timeschedules for when I have to change the passwords.

All the systems are created and configured with the best intensions but the sum of the systems is a security disaster. There is no system more secure than its weakest link, and I'm sad to say, thats me.

Every time its possible I tend to breach security policies by having passwords I can remember or writting the passwords down somewhere else.


  1. You should write an algorithm that takes 2 inputs: Four numbers like 2277 and the name of the system and or customer system. I.e Scramble(2277, pepsicola) output should be something like T6ge8VxQ

    At any time you only have to remember your four numbers and the name of the system or customer.

    Write it as a web app. and your have access to all your passwords online, without exposing them trough a database.

  2. Great idea jake, but how do I handle passwords that expire or different password requirements

  3. Parameters Parameters Parameters (I sound like Balmer)