Thursday, January 28, 2010

To Cloud or not to Cloud, thats not even a real question

I have read a few posts about Cloud computing on the net. Some of them show great fear of this new thing where a computer is not just a computer and a program is not just a program. How do you back up data and how do you keep it away from others?

To me cloud computing is about abstracting away from hardware instances and thereby allowing easier scalling and distribution of computing. Cloud computing is to instance computing as functional programming is to imperative programming or SOA is to system integration. Instead of defining how you want it you must define what the needs of the application are. This could turn out to be a lot more productive than what we have been used to.

I don't nescesarily think that if you go the Cloud way you have to place all of your data somewhere out of control. It might very well be that parts of your application needs to scale well and you can put that part on a Cloud that supports this. Other parts of you application that has other requirements might have to be put elsewhere, maybe even on the cloud on your own network.

Having few dependencies has been a goal in software development for a long time, and now its moving to the hardware platform. This is a good thing as application requirements will hopefuly be much more transparent in the future.

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