Saturday, August 15, 2009

Defining knowledge

Years ago I had a discussion with some coworkers about how the company we were working in could improve it's technical capacity. This discussion made me aware of how differently people look at this. Most of all it is the difference in what people think is important, beeing a knowledge driven company. The sales people don't really care other than they want us to be able to deliver what our customers demand. They way they want us to evolve is in measurable terms that can directly be used in sales talks with our customers. This could be certifications of our employees, adopting new platforms etc.

I don't think knowledge is something you can measure as such. You can take a lot of courses but if you are not able to put it in context you cannot use it for much. To me knowledge comes from exact facts combined with experience. In our line of business we sell our creativity which is based on our knowledge... Measuring creativity is a bit hard.

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