Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning to read

My daugther is learning to read. At the moment she has learned all the letters and can slowly spell her way through easy word. If words wore just spelled the way they are pronounced she would be an excellent reader already.

These days there is a lot of difference between the written language and the spoken language of danish. This has to do with the fact that the written language was defined a long time ago and the spoken language has changed a lot since.

This is just too inefficient for me. There are more exceptions to the rules than cases that follow the rules. Is this was some business process I had to analyse I would recommend refactoring the whole thing. Today, writing danish is not as much about knowing the sounds of the letters as it is to remember the exact spelling of each word.

Norwegian is similar to danish but in Norway they have refactored the whole spelling thing.I don't have any exact figures but I guess a lot could be saved in education by making things a bit less complex.

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