Monday, August 03, 2009

DataSource, To bind it all.

A small step for mankind, but a giant leap Plain.

We have found a way to bind a lot of the stuff contained in Plain together in an easy manner. When designing Plain we focused on few dependencies, high extendability, flexibility and ease of use. The ease of use is the one that can be hard to align with the other.

Plain is quite easy to use but very flexible. Code was however still needed to hook things together. Its no longer so. By using a Plain DataSource for ASP.Net, you are no longer needed to write any code to hook things together. Just place a DataSource on your page and define what domain class it should operate on and point it to the query ( defined in your business layer). The beauty of using a datasource is that a lot of standard .net usercontrols know how to use it to retreive and send data. DataSource objects also contain information about paging and sorting, and your UserControls will be able to take advantage of that just by enabling them to do so.

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